What is The Space Program?

Stevie “Dr. View” Johnson is a DJ, producer, higher education scholar-practitioner, TEDx Presenter, and community activist from Longview, TX. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Sciences in 2011, Dr. View earned his master’s degree in Student Affairs Administration in 2013, and will receive his Ph.D in Higher Education Administration in 2019 from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. View’s research specializes in anti-Blackness, freedom, fugitive spaces, access and equity for students of color, and Hip Hop-Education.

As a DJ for over ten years, Dr. View is known for catering to the needs of diverse audiences, meeting them exactly where they are. With a trained ear, he takes crowds through the culture’s favorite sounds from current hits to throwback favorites, and even to praise and worship if the spirit moves.This set of experiences, the academic and the cultural, came together to inform The Space Program.

Formed in 2017, The Space Program (TSP) is a Black collegian Hip-Hop collective from higher education institutions across the state of Oklahoma. It creatively disrupts anti-Black, anti-Semitic, imperialist, white, patriarchal institutions that oppress Black people, through the creation and production of a Hip-Hop album. The name stems from the track Space Program, by A Tribe Called Quest, which makes the argument that “There ain’t a space program for niggas”.

The Space Program Collective sonically, empirically, and ingeniously provides a new "Space Program" for Hip-Hop scholarship and praxis, both in the academy and the community at large. The Collective additionally provides for a community of Black males that currently attend, have graduated, or stopped out at historically white colleges within the past ten years, that also identify as artists, rappers, musicians, producers, poets, activists, b-boys, disc jockey’s (DJ’s), audio engineers, historians, entrepreneurs, graffiti artists, graphic and web designers, campus leaders, scholars, photographers, videographers and/or Hip-Hop collegians.

New generations call for new voices, and new areas of inquiry, and this is your notice that class is in session. For Dr. View and the Space Program Collective, it always has been.